Speculation Suggest That Microsoft Has Owned Three Significant Studios

Has Microsoft acquired the rights of three major studios? Well, it has been said so. And, there is also a word on the street which suggests that the announcement could happen at E3. 

Though rumors always surround Microsoft and Xbox, if the words are intense enough, they generally turn out to be true. And, now again, we are reading a lot of interesting rumors and stories regarding Xbox. And, if the rumors turn out to be true, then it’s a breakthrough for Microsoft’s very own gaming console, Xbox. You should have a look at the story published by gamesradar.com, which is generally pretty reliable for anything related to games. 

Nonetheless, if we are as per the latest speculations, the latest acquisitions sealed off by Xbox could be revealed during E3. The speculations suggest that Jeff Grubb has confirmed that Microsoft currently owns three significant studios. Grubb is also a reliable scoop and is a well-known journalist from the GamesBeat website. 

If this is true, then the three acquitted shows could be another addition to an already stellar list. Gruff revealed in his podcast that he has good reasons to believe that Microsoft has sealed off the deal, which could see it acquiring the rights of another three significant studios. He also alluded to the fact that he can verify for three studios, and the number of acquisitions could be more. 

He then went on to say that he already has the name of the acquisitions. According to him, his sources have conveyed to him that three studios in question are Crytek, IO Interactive, and Avalanche Studios. It is worthwhile to note the fact that IO Interactive are the developers behind the creation of the popular game “Hitman.” On the other hand, Avalanche Studios have been credited with the creation of the game title “Just Cause.” 

Microsoft and Xbox are looking to up the ante as it is endeavoring for further acquisitions. Another report came last week that suggested that Xbox is still active in its search for acquisitions and has already set its sight on some developers. It was only revealed last year that Xbox had owned the rights of the company called “ZeniMax Media.” ZeniMax Media is primarily a company better known for its subsidiary Bethesda. Though no official confirmation has been made, Grubb is confident that the three acquisitions could be unveiled during E3. And why not? At the E3 event, Bethesda and Xbox would be showcasing the positives, and there can be no perfect time to add the cherry on top. 

If the company reveals that there is more to look forward to, the fans would certainly get more interested. And it would only add to the hyper surrounding E3 event. 

It has certainly got fans of Xbox excited because games like Hitman could soon be making their way into the popular gaming console. 

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