How To Troubleshoot HP PSC 2355 Printer Error?

Over the years HP printers have earned praise for creating impressive printer models. From inkjet to portable, users have got every option to attempt printing jobs effortlessly. Well, it is understandable and can be seen how one thing comes with a disadvantage as well. It is undoubtedly a fact that with HP printers, users have experienced great features and reliability. But machines often tend to respond with error codes when they are struggling with internal or external issues. 

It is not always necessarily easy to figure out the reason behind these error codes. And sometimes you get to find out what exactly is causing the problem in the printer. All these error codes indicate hardware problems or software problems. In either case, you can resolve the error code problem easily with few instructions. However, there is no proven theory to get your printer up and running, but you can try some of the formulas manually to fix it. 

Usually, by applying basic solutions, your printer starts working as usual and allows you to resume your printing jobs. But we have organized different solutions after analyzing them one by one, and each of them seems to work in order to resolve the error code. Also, if you are thinking to hire any tech expert, you can try these solutions first. Here, we have gathered some of the methods to resolve your problem and get your printing jobs back on track. 

Why does HP PSC 2355 printer error occur in your printer?

Many people get confused over this error code, as it appears during printing documents or scanning them. And it is kind of hard to figure out at first. But here we have mentioned the cause, which bothers the printer from inside. So, the main reason why your printer is affected by this error code is due to the carriage issue or when there is paper stuck into the tray. This suggests that your printer is going through a common error, which can be resolve with several ideas. 

You just need to incorporate the idea correctly. The basic reasons for these common error codes represent internal issues, which are usually paper jam, clogged ink, empty ink cartridges, or something else. Which one is relatable to your printer’s problem is the real concern. However, whatever may be the cause, it can be solved by following the instructions given below. You have to find the relatable cause and then apply the solution accordingly. 

Resolving the HP PSC 2355 Printer Error with easy and simple steps:

In order to resolve the HP PSC 2355 Printer Error, you need to read the following instructions and fix the issue within minutes. But before you proceed with the solutions, you should know few things. Your printer carries a power button on the upper left section of the display panel. If you need to turn it on, then keep in mind that the green circular light must be blinking. And if you cannot see it blinking, then your printer is probably off. Also, you need to press the button in order to turn it on. Let’s see how these steps are going to help you out of this trouble. 

Method 1: Check the power connection of the device

In case the power of the printer is not on, and the printer does not seem to turn on when you have already pressed the button. Then you need to check all the power cords of the printer whether they are properly connected or not as you should know that the power cord of the printer can be separated into two parts. Your first steps should be making sure that the adapter cable is properly connected to the power port given on the back of the printer. 

Then check if the power cord is properly plugged into the adapter cable of the printer, along with checking on the end of the power cord if it is plugged into the power outlet. In case the power cord is plugged into the extension cord or power strip, then you need to check if the additional pieces are perfectly working. Also, find out if the outlet is still in connection with the power. 

Method 2: Install the printer software

In case the device does not scan the document, you need to check if you have installed the printer software with the full version or not on your computer. If you have a basic version, then you should know, it will not respond to the scanning jobs. When you have purchased the printer, you would have received a compact disk. And you must install the printer software and printer drivers on your computer for your printer to work properly. 

Method 3: Paper Jam

You need to open your printer and examine if there is any paper jam. It is suggested that you should not remove the remaining pieces of paper from the front of the printer. And if you did, then it would have been damaged the printer roller. The feed roller can only move in one direction; they are designed like this. You should remove the jammed paper from the printer from the back of it. Here, you need to press the tab given on the right, and the door will turn towards you and in the right direction. You need to open that door and separate it from the HP printer solution. Now you will be able to see the jammed paper. Then you need to remove the paper gently from the feed rollers by pulling it in your direction. 

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