Facebook Announced About Upcoming Smartwatch with 2 Cameras

According to the rumors, Facebook’s smartwatch sounds interesting. It can’t be said for sure, but two cameras and privacy features are looking like a tough sell.

Facebook Smartwatch

With several additional features, Facebook is finally releasing its first smartwatch next summer. Considering its two cameras and general privacy settings, it will be tough product promotion. Facebook is repeatedly developing its first smartwatch to present its final release for people. It will include the two biggest draws, such as a detachable display and two cameras. Well, something interesting has arrived, as a new rival for Apple Watch has come to the market. But given the weak Facebook’s history of privacy and data security, it will be tough competition. To form trust between people for user privacy is going to be tricky as people do not want to compromise their data security with weak formula. 

In 2021, the smartwatch landscape seems an interesting position. On the other hand, the Apple ecosystem is handled by Apple Watch. It is designed with unmatched software, and the hardware is upgraded every year. Also, it works effortlessly with other Apple devices. If we talk about the Android landscape, things are still in the transitional process. But not to worry, Google is entirely improving the service of its Wear OS smartwatch feature. And improvement will provide a better performance, better app support, and longer battery life. For Android users, there was never a proper Apple Watch. But Google is preparing to change that with new wear OS. 

According to ‘The Verge’ reports, Apple and Google are continuing to fight it out. Whereas Facebook has entered the wearable market with its first smartwatch offer. According to the rumor, it will run a custom build for Android and will offer deep blending with other Facebook services. For instance, other services include Instagram. And not just services, but it will include a heart-rate sensor to track the physical status. Rumor has it that the Facebook smartwatch will contain optional LTE connectivity, especially in the U.S. It will allow users to use the watch without a smartphone connection. 

In conclusion, the feature is pretty common when compared to other smartwatches. However, people are expecting more from the upcoming gadget. Right now, the biggest news is its detachable display and two cameras. And let’s see where that will lead us. 

Why is Facebook’s Privacy Feature a Matter of Concern?

According to the ‘The Verge’ reports, each camera will include its uniqueness. It will come with a camera on the front of the watch display and a 1080p auto-focus camera on the back. The front camera is for video calling purposes, and the back camera capture footage after detaching from the stainless steel frame on the wrist. The ideology is to use watch for quick video calling or picture session. With this feature, we will not need to find our phones for quick sessions. 

Facebook is also collaborating with other companies to create detachable portions of the watch. This feature indicates that it might be attachable to the backpack. 

Facebook smartwatch concept is exciting if only it is wisely and responsibly used with camera features. The problem stands at the point of people being irresponsible. It may lead to where people may take unwanted pictures and videos. Given these concerns, Samsung has still not included camera features since 2014. It is something that does not add up with the calculations. 

On top of camera privacy concerns, it already had data security issues recently. Reports already stated about Facebook’s action of collecting user data and then using it. Recently, it was revealed that 533 million users’ email, phone numbers, and other data were mishandled. After this incident, the company expects users to buy a smartwatch. And this is raising concerns for people, which is also understandable. The Facebook smartwatch is rumored to be released in 2022 for a $400 price rate. More information will be revealed in the upcoming months. 

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